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PC Health Plan’s mission is to help your computer get healthy and stay healthy.
There are many powerful, dangerous threats that can crash or even destroy your computer, invade your privacy, and allow criminals to steal your personal information and use it.
Most computers contain corrupt and redundant files, and error-ridden software, that can cause devastating damage to your computer. These files can lead to crashes, data loss, and even the complete destruction of your PC.
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According to Internet Service Provider Earthlink, there are an average of 28 spyware programs lurking on every computer! Many of these are vicious programs capable of stealing your personal information or providing unauthorized access to your PC. Others constantly bombard you with annoying popups
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PC Health Plan™ diagnoses and eliminates these threats and keeps your computer clean, error free, and healthy - all with minimal interaction by you!
PC Health Plan™ is an extremely easy-to-use tool that runs quietly behind the scenes protecting you, your family, and your computer 24 hours a day.
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